Saturday, July 28, 2007

Free Weekend

It is nice to have this weekend off. Sleeping in was especially nice.

Last night Johnathan, Troy, Adam, and I went into Bangalore for a few hours. We went to a couple grocery stores looking for granola bars. My favorite part was when we ate at a local coffee shop. Right before we came back to ICMIS they also stopped at a Subway.

We plan on going back into town tonight. I think we are hoping to see a movie.

Monday we are all going shopping with our culture teacher, Dr. Alexander. She is taking us to a nice mall and is going to help us buy Indian clothes without getting too ripped off.

I would enjoy spending the whole weekend downtown but we are all very busy. There are two tests in Groundwater this week and I think one quiz. A book report is due in our culture class on Tuesday. We also have to give a small presentation on an art form on Wednesday. On Friday we will be giving larger presentations on topics of our choice.

Although knowing this is our free weekend makes me feel very lazy, I should probably go to work on one of those.

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Cindy said...

Oh, why didn't I sneak into your suitcase! Did you ride rickshaws into town?